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NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) books are very helpful for students who are beginners. they are written very simply which is not the case always for NCERT Books. Economy subject, for that matter is written lucidly and less mathematics have been used. Geography book also have good diagram with plain understanding.​ The books are here arranges class and subject wise. Major Subjects covered are Geography, Economics, History and Political Science.


Full Book (Book 1 & Book 2) : Here


Chapterwise :

Book 1 :






Book 2 :




Book 3 :


Political Science

Full Book : Here


Chapterwise :


MODULE 1 : Individual and The State


MODULE 2 : Aspects of the Constitution of India


MODULE 3 : Structure of Government


MODULE 4 : Democracy at Work


MODULE 5 : Major Contemporary Issues


MODULE 6 : India and the World


Optional MODULE 1 : World Order and the United Nations



Full Book (Book 1) : Here


Full Book (Book 2) : Here

Contents :

Book 1 :


Module-I: Indian Economic Development

1. Overview of Indian Economy

2. Economic Planning in India


Module-II: Current Challenges before the Indian Economy

3. Economic Growth and Economic Development

4. The Problem of Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality


Module-III: Introduction to Statistics

5. Meaning, Scope and its Need in Economic

6. Collection and Classification of Data

7. Presentation of Data


Module IV: Statistical Tools

8. Measures of Central Tendency

9. Measures of Dispersion

10. Correlation Analysis

11. Index Numbers 204

Book 2

Module V: Introduction to Economics

12. Introduction to the study of Economics

13. Central Problems of an Economy


Module VI: Consumer’s Behaviour

14. Consumer’s Equilibrium

15. Demand

16. Price Elasticity of Demand


Module VII: Producer’s Behaviour

17. Production Function

18. Cost of Production

19. Supply

20. Price Elasticity of Supply


Module VIII: Market and Price Determination

21. Forms of Market

22. Price Determination Under Perfect Competition

23. Revenue and Profit Maximization of a competition Firm.

Module-IX: National Income Accounting

24. National Income and related Aggregates

25. National Income and its Measurement


Module X: Theory of Income and Employment

26. Consumption, Saving and Investment

27. Theory of Income Determination

Module XI: Money, Banking and Government Budget

28. Money and Banking

29. Government and the Budget

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