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INDIA'S WORLD : February 10, 2020



• PM Modi held delegation level talks with his Srilankan counterpart Mahindra Rajpaksha, who is currently on a five day visit to India, in Delhi.

• In a joint statement, PM Modi said terrorism is a major threat in our region & both Sri lanka & India have fought this problem firmly.

• PM also said they discussed 'Joint Economic Projects' in Sri lanka, and also on enhancing mutual economic trade and investment relations.

• Calling India a ‘long standing friend', Srilankan PM thanked PM Modi foe visiting his country in the aftermath of last year's Easter Sunday attacks and outlined that New Delhi has always helped Colombo in its fight against terrorism.



Second is to deepen and strengthen our economic relations. o Third, is to make sure Tamils in Srilanka are treated fairly and

their political, civil and human rights are respected.

• Mahindra Rajpaksha was criticized when human rights were violated in Sri Lanka massively. India backed US sponsored resolution against Sri lankan govt. and somehow interfered in their domestic affairs. But its also an issue for politics for Tamilnadu leaders. India is a union of states and such states like Tamilnadu, Punjab will play important role in making India’s foreign policy.

• After the war against liberation tigers Sri Lanka made a mistake that the problem is over and they left the guard down because extremism doesn’t have to take any political form it has multiple shapes and here it was it in the form of Islamic terrorism.

• Indian intelligence agencies had given Sri Lanka warning call well in advance almost 48 hours before the Easter attacks. They actually pinpointed off the locations. But Srilankan agencies failed.

• Therefore both India and Srilankan needs to work closely specifically in the field of intelligence.

• In the Indo-pacific, India and Srilanka have to work together which in common interest of both nations. Srilanka will play a shuttle game between India & China. For India, it is important to have stronger and deeper economic relations with Srilanka.

• India is supposed to be leading SAARC, which is most dominant player in terms of size, population, technology and trade manpower.

• China is emerging as a major rival in immediate neighborhood. It is a major Asian giant.

• As far as India security is concerned there are two things that needs to be clear-

• India, Sri Lanka and China all three will look at their own interests the

challenge for the foreign policy to see how our interest are taken care of. o Srilanka has realized the dangerous of getting off Chinese money.

Therefore, India becomes crucial for Srilanka.

• India has these major concerns- o Indian ocean region o Cooperation on radicalism. o To ensure that interest of Tamils in Srilanka are protected.

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