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INDIA’S WORLD : February 17, 2020



• India and Vietnam held delegation level talks at Hyderabad house in Delhi. While the Indian delegation was led by vice president Venkaiah Naidu is Vietnam is counterpart Dang Ngoc headed the Vietnam team. Dang was on a three day visit to India.

• During the visit budget airline Vietjet announced the operation of five new routes connecting India and Vietnam.

• Starting 14 May, the New Delhi- Da Nang route will commence operation with a frequency of five flights per week.

• New routes connecting Mumbai with Hanoi and Ho chi Minch city will operate with three weekly flights & four weekly flights from 15 May. currently the airlines operates flights from and to New Delhi.

• Vietnam is also seeking to boost farm produce export to India to elevate impact of coronavirus on the Southeast Asian country's trade with China, its largest trading partner.

• Vietnam is close to South China sea which is a significant from Chinese perspective as China want to have control over island in the region. This region is ought to be significant because this region is going to be one of the greatest reservoir of oil in the world.

• Latest policy, India was negotiating all kinds of agreements with Asian countries but suddenly because Indian dairy industry, manufacturing industries and others convened the Swadeshi Jagran Manch. Which is concern for East Asian countries. Because of Coronavirus these countries have to depend on India.

• Coronavirus has reduced people’s interaction with China let alone trade. This gives India opportunity to engage these nations on trade front. With ASEAN's largest trading partner in distress. Biggest alternative remains India.

• Connectivity, is the key and India have a good maritime connectivity with Vietnam.

• Vietnam political system is authoritarian or Quasi authoritarian. India can focus on that aspect as well.

• Bilaterally, India and Vietnam have old civilizational links. In Vietnam war India was the only non communist country supporting Vietnam.

• Indo Pacific region, India treats Vietnam as key country for developing India’s indo-pacific perspective.

• Connecting flights to Hanoi city is important because it has Hindu civilization along with the city of Da Nang.

• Vietnam is also 4th largest trading partner within ASEAN and 2nd largest export destination for India after Singapore.

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