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INDIA’S WORLD : January 13, 2020



- Haitham Bin Tariq of Oman will continue to be long lasting bilateral ties between India and Oman. An era has come to an end in Oman with the death of Sultan Quaboos Bin Said. - Al Said was the youngest serving Monarch in the gulf regiom. - Sayyid Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said has taken over as the new Sultan of Oman.

- India and Oman enjoy warm and cordial relations which has grown leaps and

bounds in the recent past.

- Diplomatic relation between both the countries were established in 1955 and this

relationship was upgraded to strategic partnership level in 2008.

- Both India and Oman having Maritime partner from countries, Oman come for trade

to West Coast of India.

- In 1798, the British after consolidating their presence in India, they went to Oman,

these links through Britishers also bring India and Oman closer.

- In post Independence period, India along with Britain with which Sultan Qaboos’s

father had diplomatic relations and India was first country to get it to the embassy level. - India signed peace treaty with Oman.

- Apart from historical relations, both countries established diplomatic relations with each other. The relations grew steadily till 1960’s. RBI was Oman Central Bank.

- Sultan’s grandfather was Pro-India, every monsoon he used to visit India. He was

even buried in India.

- Out of 48 lacs of population of Oman, more than 8 lakhs are Indian workers (Blue

collars as well as White collars).

- Unlike other neighbours ( people from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) they are

very liberal and have natural sympathy towards India.

- As political relation is rules concerned, there are many MOU. Recent is the

concession of Ducumb port for our Naval ships.

- Key pillar of cooperation is the area of security particularly military and tri-service

exercise India conducts with one of the 3(Army, Navy & Airforce) exercises between India & Oman.

- We also have joint military corporation which meets periodically.

- Sultan Qaboos was the only Muslim leader to support India during Bangladesh crisis. He voted in favor of India.

- About 25 years ago, Oman became major partner for our foods security, we

established fertilizer factory in Oman and that has been playing an important role in import of fertilizers from Oman. Oman has good relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia with other gulf countries.

- India saw Sultan Qaboos as stabilizing factor firelessely for peace, security and stability. Even in mids of revolution, wars seems intervention, he was a factor whom everybody consulted and listen to with respect.

- India is planning to import Iranian gas through Oman, through a pipeline because

earlier India, Pakistan and Iran pipeline not really shaped. Iran and Oman were corporating.

- Oman had played very crucial role for India and had always offered us their oil on a

spot purchase basis.

- India is exploring gas in Oman, may be in future we can have good news regarding

this. - Stitch strings ties are driven by the string personality of Sultan Qaboos.

- India had given Nehru award for international peace and understanding to the late

Sultan Qaboos.

- In 2010, India started looking towards Saudi Arabia and UAE in much more positive

way and we took it for granted. Oman will remain as our old and enduring friend. - Oman had rich potential specially in maritime security, last month India sent

agreement with any gulf country.

- Agreement involves institutional cooperation in shipping port development, growth

in maritime navigation, joint projects in ship building, repair and recycle of modern information technology.

- Oman is the only country where Indians are open heartly welcomed and in that

region it is only where Indians have acquired Omanian Citizenship.(about 200-240 citizens)

Some issues that new Sultan has articulated are:-

1. Fall out from Union civil war because tribes in Western and Eastern Oman and


2. Saudi Arabia is asking Oman for direct access to Arabian Sea for pipeline

because they have discovered huge oil reserves on the Yemeni-Omani-Saudi border.

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