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SECURITY SCAN : Dec 5, 2019


•INS Arighat completed its Maiden interference patrol, meaning that the submarine is fully ready.

•The Arighat’s month long deployment compares favourably with submarines of US Navy which go on patrols for 30 to 70 days.

• Second SSBN has reportedly completed sea trials named INS Arighat.

INS Arighat -The vessel is due to be delivered next year and expected to be doubled the Arighat’s displacement at 12000-13000 tonnes with the complement of 8 K4 missiles. Another two vessels are to be commissioned by 2023.

•Our 2 neighbors that are nuclear armed and one of them specially Pakistan has nuclear policy which is offensive.

•To adopt nuclear policy one must have deterrence capability.

•Survivable deterrence at sea is in the form of SSBN(Ship, Submersible, Ballistic, Nuclear)

AIM:- One submarine must be there out at sea which could have ranges of 5000-6000 kilometers.

•Nuclear submarines have very odd maintenance cycles because of the use of enriched Uranium, their endurance can be limited.

•INS Arighat was indigenously constructed.

•Deterrence is not only a submarine but whole ecosystem which has to be created.

• Second strike capability must have a very robust command and control system.

• Deterrence patrol is a cold war era term because USSR used to petrol the seas.

•Deterrence phase is used so that if you launch a nuclear missile, a retaliatory strike can be launched.

•Ships Submersible Ballistic Nuclear is one kind of Technology which India have.

•Arighat will have longer range missiles, it’s test is due and anytime these can be conducted.

2 •Submarine Action Plan 1999.

•As we have no first use policy so SSBN will not launched the first missile. If we want to hit, it can be used.

•In case of SSN, it can launch missile at first instant itself. (It can be used as killer and it can be used as text summary. Because it is carrying conventional weapons but it is powered by nuclear fuel which increases its undersea survivability.)

• SSN will be more visible to the world than SSBN.

•The biggest challenge is to develop an ecosystem on which one can rely.

•Indian Navy has acquired state of Art LRMP aircraft, missiles.

•Our conventional submarine programs are not as indigenous as the SSBN program.

•SSBN platform is not like a normal surface ship it’s much more complex.

• Human resource development and the training etc is equally complex.

•This program is most successful than all our indigenous programs so far.

•Navy as a force realized very early that if the Navy wants to be Blue Water Force of an emerging part indigenization is the way to go.

•Indian Navy right from 50’s was into indigenization.

•India built to submarines in 1992 and 1994 but due to political reasons the program was shelved in which 20 years were lost.

• India rely on foreign partners to build an SSK, a conventional submarine.

•SSN is nuclear powered attack Submarine with conventional weapons which is indigenously designed.

•Major effort in Arighat are by private companies.

• Joint venture is probably the way out in case of army weapons and also in Air Force.

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