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• In of the first decisions after taking over as first chief of defence staff general Bipin rawat has issue directions to prepare a road map by 30th of June this year to create an air defence command.

• As of now the air defence command is distributed between all the three forces with each service having their individual air defence setup Indian army, Indian navy and Indian air force have 17 commands amongst themselves in addition to two tri- service commands, the strategic forces command and Andaman and Nicobar command.


• Smack sports arguing why it was necessary to start the process of fertilization with their defence commands.

• There is uncertainty as to what kind of theatres will come up and what will be the themes. for example geographical or work based.

• Questions are also raised regarding space command because in near future it has to come up clarity is also needed in this regard.

• Air defence command per se is meant to integrate, calculate the air defence resources of three verticals. the army, the navy and air force. but at the same time the uniqueness and the specific core competency in executing air defence in its typical battlespace to be retained.

• the air defence weather its land, sea or air exist in the country to navigate for counter the enemies air threat. Threat is the “potential of the adversary to cause damage and destruction on our vulnerabilities through the medium of air freight vehicles and munitions be it on land , sea and air in furtherance of its war efforts”.

• However it is unambiguous in the union war book that the responsibility of the air defence of the national air space is that of the air force but the execution of this air defence function in the core competency of each service depends on the type of threat they are facing.

• Air defence command will work as a “ trishul” of lord Shiva where each arm has individual capability but working in unison it creates a stronger cumulative kill capability.

• If executed properly it will have two effects-

o it will save money by ensuring that services have the same weapon systems

which can have better scale value. o it will also ensure better coordination and faster response. o It will also help utilize what each force has best to offer. o Eg – eyes and ears of air force and forward observation powers of the army

with satellite capabilities of navy.

• Air defence command is expected to set to rest many things without destroying or disturbing anything.

• if executed successfully it will take service perspective to a national perspective.

• it will also integrate the training aspect of all the tri services and help better train and equip the troops.

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