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• Commissioned into the Indian air force in 1985 27 remained an integral part of the its combat strength for over three decades.

• The lost squadron of upgraded MIG 27 was decommissioned last week bring an end to the 34 year old journey of this formidable ground attack fighter aircraft.

• Single engine single seater tactical strike fighter aircraft with 27 participated in all major operations of Indian air force and played a stellar role in kargil conflict.

• The fighter jets heroic during the conflict earned it the nickname Bahadur from Indian air force pilots.


• This jet was initially developed in the erstwhile Soviet Union and later indigenously manufactured by HAL.

• its maximum speed is 1700 kilometers per hour and can also carry upto 4000 kilogram of other armaments.

• It was inducted in Indian air force in 1985 earlier in 1982 its predecessor MiG 23 bison was inducted.

• MIG 27 was the modification carried on by Soviet Union on the demand of Indian air force.

• this aircraft has remained integral part of Indian air force for more than three decades.

• In the early 80s in the middle of the cold war India remain Non- aligned but was seen as a part of Soviet camp.

• Americans supplied f16's to Pakistan and we wanted to counter that there for Soviet Union supplied to us the MIG 23 and MIG 27.

• They were most progressive and advanced aircraft at that time.

• at present chief of air staff has confirmed that India will indigenously manufacture fifth generation fighter jet in country itself.

• Wars in future will be shot and swift Indian air force being highly relying on technology is a highly dynamic force and indigenization will be helpful.

• Indian air force has now completely decommissioned MIG 27 Bahadur.

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