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SECURITY SCAN : Nov 14, 2019



•K-4 is an intermediate range submarine launched ballistic missile developed by DRDO.

•’K’ stands for ‘Kalam’ on the name of the former missile scientist and former President.

•It is powered by solid rocket propellants. It is highly accurate with the strike range of approximate 3500km.

•It has innovative system of interlacing 3 dimensions which makes it difficult to be tracked & destroyed by anti- ballistic missile. Once inducted K-4 will add more teeth to the Indian Navy.


It is required because second strike capability must be there and it is best for that.

Development of such nuclear missiles by China and North korea has pushed India towards developing such kind weapon system.

Indigenously developed by India, as no country would supply such nuclear missiles.

The range of such missiles can also be increased upto 5000km which comes under IRBM(Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile)

•From a war fighting perspective, a strategic submarine is not that you use in normal

war fight. It has larger role to play.

•It is some of last weapon to be used in wars for which no one goes, but will give you

complete deterrence specially against China. Because China have latest long range missile which are submarine launched are really advanced with range of 1000+km.

•Upto 2000km AGNI range was successful. When India reached 3500 km, than we had

some failures but we overcame those failures.

•When cold war ended, all the countries in West came with their defence budgets and

with their Nuclear Missile capabilities.

•All 5 countries(America, Russia, China, France) with nuclear power are developing our

moving towards next level of SSBM because it gives you tremendous amount of strategic depth, but also keeps in UN Top Table.

•Indian technologies are advanced. We are in a league of top 5 nations with nuclear


•World is going towards Hypersonic Weapon System. China and Russia are also developing this capability. Russia isn't going to transfer this.

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