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SECURITY SCAN : Nov 7, 2019


• Cyberspace is becoming a complex domain with threats of technological nature and this added one more dimension to military operations.

•National Cyber Security strategy expected to come in 2020.

•Government of India set up a Defence Cyber agency which comprises of officers from the all three armed forces and National Cyber security strategy.

•Hacking, Malware and Cyber crimes are the main concerns.

•There are two aspects of the cyber warfare:-

1) Defensive Aspect - is to prevent the adversary from gaming control in our

organisation. 2) Offensive Aspect- is about finding out, identifying these threats, where they

emanate from and attacking them.

•At National level that is under PMO under Cabinet Secretariat which include National Security Council, Research and Analysis Wing(RAW).

•The ministry of defence have newly created Cyber Agency which will subsume these cyber command cells of the three services.

Cyber Agency:- aiming to assist the armed forces in their operations. It includes three domains:-

1)Cyber domain- software, applications, operating systems.

2)Physical domain-hardware, machines.

3) People domain.

Naval war room leak - it started with a Wing Commander’s house being raided where a lot of data was recovered from a pendrive.

• Digital battlefield recognise no borders. Attacks in this are done at the speed of light in the Civil domain and in cyber domain.

• Aircrafts, missiles, surface to air missile, surface to surface missile, ballistic missile offensive air support, aircraft intercepting enemy aircraft. All these are critically dependent on real time communication, missile guidance.

•Cyber attack is not only weapons, platforms, communication but it is also in cognitive domain.

Cognitive domain is Information warfare, propaganda warfare, brainwashing soldiers by changing, bringing out a desire and undesirable changes in behaviour is also a part of cyber warfare.

¤How digital technology is now very integral part of the entire defence ecosystem?

• Column nuclear power plant was seen because of air gap, the damage was limited.

•Unlike investment in banking system, hacking takes place.

•China is combining Cyber War, Electromagnetic warfare, Information Warfare, command and control and all this aspects into one strategic support system.

•After Kosovo campaign they realized that information warfare, digitization is going to play a big role.

•USA, Japan, China and some others have got their own full roll over websites.

• China has realised that internet is a weapon and sites like, .net or else being shut down one day.

•In year 2000, the Information Technology, (IT) act came out, it was revised in 2008.

•National Electronics policy came out in 2012.

•National Cyber security policy came out in 2013.

All these policies have dealt with the parts of cyber security and now helping cyber defence.

• There are Seven pillars of capacity building or cyber power:-

1)Policy and strategy.

2)Doctrine for cyber power.

3)Organizational support.

4)Human resources:-

-cyber leader

-cyber Warrior.


6) Integration of various concerns.

7) International interface & Legal framework.

•Cybercrime and coordination Centre has various elements:-

-Analysis- what the threat is



~on the crimes site

~of Indian forces.

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