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UPSC Daily Current Affairs : 15-June-2020

Topic Covered :

  • Malabar gliding frog

  • Earthquake of 5.5 magnitude jolts parts of Gujarat

  • Explained: Will monsoon impact coronavirus spread?



Why in news?

  • Malabar gliding frog spotted at Pullad


  • The endangered and endemic frog species, ‘Malabar tree toad,’ has been found at 45 places in the Western Ghats including Mala, Karkala. 

  • The Malabar tree toad (Pedostibes tuberculosus) is considered an endemic toad of the Western Ghats with endangered status according to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

  •  In India there are 445 species, of which 330 are in the Western Ghats and 250 of them are endemic to the Ghats

Source : Hindu ( )


Why in news?

  • An Earthquake of 5.5 magnitude struck 118 km north-northwest (NNW) of Rajkot, Gujarat at 8:13 pm on Sunday, according to National Center of Seismology.


  • The epicenter is reported to be near Bhachau in Kutch district.

  • While several parts of Gujarat felt the quake, its intensity was said to be more in Patan and Rajkot districts neighbouring Kutch.

  • The quake was felt in cities like Kutch, Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Patan, where many people rushed out of their houses.

  • Between April 12 and May 15, four earthquakes happened in Delhi.

Source : New Indian Express ( )


Why in news?

  • Some months ago, when the novel coronavirus epidemic was still emerging in India, it was hoped that rising temperature in the summer months would weaken the potency of the virus and slow down its spread. That did not happen. Now that the monsoon season is here, the likely impact of rain on the virus, and its transmission, is the subject of discussion.


  • Since it is a new virus, scientists are not yet sure how the rain might affect its behaviour. So the effort is to look for clues in the way other similar viruses behave during the rainy season.

  • Rain brings with it several vector borne diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. In the case of dengue, some studies have shown that excessive rains could disrupt the mosquito’s reproductive cycle and flush out its breeding sites.

  • Dr Subhojit Sen, a scientist with Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences in Mumbai, said the viral disease spread depends on three major factors — seasonal changes in environment (temperature, humidity, sunlight), human behavioural patterns, and intrinsic characteristics of the virus, like its infectiousness, pathogenicity and survival.

  • He pointed out some of the things that can be expected during the rainy season that can have an impact on how such diseases spread.

  • “For example, spitting on the streets is a common problem that increases the risk of virus transmission. The hope is that rains will wash or dilute this off the streets,” he said.

  • Also, during rains, people spend an extended period of time within closed spaces, like homes or offices, and there is likely to be a lower number of people in crowded public spaces.

Source : Indian Express ( )


Suicide Prevention Myths Fact

Myth 1: Talking about suicide seems like encouraging it No, talking openly about suicide does not mean that you are provoking or supporting someone to take the drastic step. It actually shows that you are concerned about the person and want to help them to cope with the difficult situation. In a number of cases, it has been found that discussing the matter helps to prevent suicide.

Myth 2: A person who is suicidal is determined to die. Nobody wants to end their life. It is just about the situation. Sometimes people feel that their life is not in their control and there is no hope that it will get better. When dealing with such critical situations it might feel that suicide is the only way to end all the sufferings. All they need at this time is some emotional support and someone who is willing to listen without judging them.

Myth 3: Suicide happens without any warning signs. Suicide is always preceded by prolonged depression. There are numerous verbal and behavioural warning signs that can clearly reveal what is going in a person's mind. It is important to identify those and take the necessary steps. Many people even mention to their family and friends that they want to die. Do not ignore these signs.

Myth 4: People who talk about suicide don't mean to do it. Just by looking at someone we cannot tell what he or she is going through. Maybe the person who talked about ending his life is seeking a professional's help or maybe they think that there is no way out. Whenever someone you know speaks about anything like this, help them. Listen to them.

Myth 5: Once someone decides to commit suicide, it will not change Suicidal thoughts are not permanent. People take such a drastic step in some specific circumstance, which usually does not last long. Suicidal thoughts are temporary. If they get help at the right time they may lead a happy and long life.

Myth 6: Only people suffering from any kind of mental health issue feel suicidal. It is not necessary that if a person is suffering from any mental health condition then only he will commit suicide. Studies suggest that in India only 50 per cent of people who committed suicide were suffering from some mental illness.

Things to remember

  • About one-third of all the suicides are linked with interpersonal, family violence and alcohol consumption issues.

  • Reducing family violence and excessive consumption of alcohol can decrease the cases of suicide.

  • Depression is complex, but it is treatable.

  • Seeking a professional's help at the right time can ensure complete recovery. So, if you know someone who is depressed, encourage them to seek treatment.

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