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UPSC Daily Current Affairs : 27-June-2020

Topic Covered :

  1. Moving Europe troops to counter China threat to India: US



Why in news?

  • In a statement that pitches the US as a factor in the India-China military face-off, secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that China’s “threats to India” and Southeast Asia were among the main reasons for the US’s move to reduce its troops in Europe. 


  • US President Donald Trump recently announced that the US would be reducing troops from Germany, a decision that’s angered EU countries. 

  • Pompeo’s marking out of China’s threats to its neighbours as a priority represents a significant policy statement and security posture. 

  • Running through a list of aggressive Chinese actions, Pompeo spoke about the “bloody border confrontation with India”, Beijing’s activities in the South China Sea and its predatory economic policies.

  • He also announced that the US and the EU would start a dialogue on China and the challenges it poses.

  • It would help the trans-Atlantic alliance to build a “common understanding of the threat posed by China”.

  • Europe is often accused of being “naive” about China, taking a much more benevolent attitude to China’s designs. 

Source : TOI ( )

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