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UPSC Daily Current Affairs : 28-April-2020

Topic Covered :

  1. Chakmas and Hajongs

  2. Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES)

  3. Ganga Dolphin

  4. SVAMITVA scheme

  5. E-Gram Swaraj

  6. New Symptoms of Coronavirus


Why in news?

  • A Delhi-based rights body has sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention in ensuring food for the Chakma and Hajong communities in Arunachal Pradesh who have allegedly not been included in the government relief economic package.


  • Chakmas are Buddhists who fled the Chittagong Hill Tracts in erstwhile East Pakistan after being displaced by a hydel power project, and the Hajong are Hindus who left East Pakistan due to religious persecution. 

  • The Chakmas and Hajongs do not have ration cards as the State government had illegally and arbitrarily seized those through an order on October 25, 1991, said Rights and Risks Analysis Group director Suhas Chakma.

  • Denial of food was a violation of the right to life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution

Source : New Indian Express (https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2020/apr/27/rights-body-claims-chakmas-hajongs-starving-in-arunachal-seeks-pms-intervention-2135951.html )


Why in news?

  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown to curb its spread, the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) seems to have returned in North Bihar as a second toddler, age 3, died in Muzaffarpur.


  • Inflammation of the brain, often due to infection.

  • The infection may be bacterial or viral. In some cases, encephalitis may be the result of an immune system disorder.

  • Mild cases may cause no symptoms or mild flu-like symptoms. Severe cases can be life-threatening.

  • Immediate medical attention is required for symptoms such as confusion, hallucinations, seizures, weakness and loss of sensation.

  • In addition to addressing the underlying cause, treatments include symptomatic relief and supportive care.

  • It spreads by animal or insect bites.

Source : NHP ( https://www.nhp.gov.in/disease/communicable-disease/acute-encephalitis-syndrome )


Why in news?

  • A video of Ganges River Dolphin, a freshwater breed which is endangered, enjoying in the Ganges in Meerut is going viral online.


  • IUCN status – Endangered

  • These are freshwater species.

  • Extant – Bangladesh, India and Nepal

  • The Ganges river dolphin is found in parts of the Ganges-Meghna-Brahmaputra and Karnaphuli-Sangu river systems in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

  • It is among the four freshwater dolphins in the world- the other three are:

  • The ‘Baiji’ now likely extinct from the Yangtze River in China,

  • The ‘Bhulan’ of the Indus in Pakistan, and

  • The ‘Boto’ of the Amazon River in Latin America.

  • These four species live only in rivers and lakes.

  • Its presence indicates the health of the riverine ecosystem.

  • The Gangetic river dolphin is India's national aquatic animal and is popularly known as ‘Susu’.

Source : India Today ( https://www.indiatoday.in/trending-news/story/ganges-river-dolphins-spotted-in-meerut-internet-in-love-with-viral-video-1671552-2020-04-27 )


Why in news?

  • Union Minister of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Shri Narendra Singh Tomar issues guidelines regarding the SVAMITVA scheme, a new initiative of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.


  • SVAMITVA scheme is.a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, State Panchayati Raj Departments, State Revenue Departments and Survey of India

  • It aims to provide an integrated property validation solution for rural India.

  • It engages the latest Drone Surveying technology, for demarcating the inhabitant (Aabadi) land in rural areas. 

  • The program is currently being implemented in six states - Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

  • This scheme will help in streamlining planning and revenue collection in rural areas and ensuring clarity on property rights.

  • The scheme will also enable creation of bet