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WORLD PANORAMA : Dec 21, 2019


Donald Trump became the 3rd American president (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton being the 1st & 2nd) to be impeached majority if House of Representatives voted in favor of the 2 articles of impeachment drawn up by the House Democrats.

•The impeachment sets up a trial in the Senate. However, the Republican party there has a majority making it almost impossible that the president will be removed from office.

• There were 2 charges against Trump:-

- He had abused his power & - He obstructed Congress.

Whereas Donald Trump has denied any wrongdoings.

•Nearly all Democrats voted for the charges & every Republican against the votes set up the trial in the Senate that will decide whether Trump remains in office.

•Both articles of impeachment were related to Ukraine scandal, Trump is accused of pressurizing Ukraine to dig up damaging information on one of his main democratic challenges for the presidency in 2020 Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

•Trump remained to defend, he accused the Democrats of envy and hatred. After the vote, the white house released a statement saying that the president was confident that he will be fully exonerated in Senate trial.

Nancy Pelosi has indicated it might delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate in order to bargain on the terms of the proceedings.



•Pakistani President general Parvez Musharraf sentenced to death by special court in Islamabad in a treason case making it the first time in the history of Pakistan that capital punishment has been announced for a former army chief.

•The order offer the special quarter which was headed by chief justice of the Peshawar High Court.

•Musharraf has been living in London and Dubai since 2014.

•Death punishment for high treason following a sixth year legal fees at remember special court convicted Musharraf for violating the constitution by unlawfully declaring emergency rule in 2007 while he was in power.

•The 76 year old former leader has lived in self imposed exile in Dubai in UAE for more than 3 years.

•He resigned in 2008 to avoid the threat of impeachment and went into an exile but Musharraf returned to Pakistan in 2013 to contest general election.

Nawaz Shareef initiated a treason trial against General Musharraf in March 2014.

•Total 5 charges including 3 counts of subverting & changing the country's constitution, firing Pakistan's Chief Justice & imposing emergency rule.

•He was 3rd military commander to rule Pakistan & 2nd to cause suspension of the nation's constitution.



Abdul Majeed has been sworn as new president of Algeria with 58.15% votes.

•His election has appointed protestors who believe that poll was rigged in favor of the old regime they say new faces must be brought in order to organize the real election.

De Bern is looking to appease the protestors saying that he is ready to meet with their leaders to listen to them & take care of their concerns.

•After results tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Algerian capital Algiers in protest.

•Demand of protestors was whole political establishment be swept away.

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