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WORLD PANORAMA : Dec 28, 2019


•The biggest story this year was historic impeachment that of US president Donald Trump. In fact the year 2019 began with the duel as the newly elected speaker of the US House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi challenged president Trump amid a government shutdown amid a Mueller report impeachment of Donald Trump began as a possibility and then Donald Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine into investigating a democratic rival.

•This year led to 3rd impeachment of a US president in history just shy of 3rd anniversary of his presidency Donald Trump was impeached in a mostly party line vote in the House Of Representatives.

• However, to convict and remove Trump from office 2/3rd majority would in three Republican controlled senator would be required and with no Republican senator currently voicing support for impeachment Trump appears safe to survive.

•The US Presidential election stated in 2020 will be interesting to see how impeachment will impact the polls.

•Trump administration instituted a slew of changes to the country's policies from proposals to limit illegal immigration to ramping up plans to build a wall on the US- Mexico border.

•Donald Trump emphasizing on withdrawing American troops from Syria.

•US support to Syrian democratic forces has long angered Turkey which views that Kurdish led group as terrorist threat.

•Islamic state leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a US raid decapitating the group. The region has stabilized but at a great humanitarian cost hundreds have been killed.

•US has withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal in 2015. Tensions between 2 nations skyrocketed in 2019. As the US maximum pressure campaign took effect and Tehran lashed out against the harsh US sanctions.

•In June Iran was accused of shooting down a US military drone nearly leading to a retaliatory US airstrike then attack on key Saudi oil facility in September was again blamed on Iran.

2 • Venezuela's Russian backed leader Nicolas Maduro clang to power this year despite an economic collapse nationwide blackouts & fierce opposition from one guide who declared himself Venezuela's interim president.

•In 2019, the representatives of US & China held multiple round of trade talks.

•The biggest loser in US- China trade war had been WTO as Trump is cementing a return to three WTO era where America achieve its objectives by threatening & impressing penalties in its partners.



•It all started in 2016 on 23rd June when British people in a public vote or referendum decided to leave European union.

Since that date British is haggling over how to withdraw the process known as BREXIT.

•The conservative party chose Johnson, a brash proponent of the withdrawal to succeed and may take control of BREXIT process.

•Johnson took over as PM in July 2019 & set about renegotiating may deal.

•Johnson conservative party scored and overwhelming victory and Britain's departure from the block now appears close than ever.

•On 20th of December 2019 MP’s voted in favor of Johnson's withdrawal agreement which now goes on to further scrutiny in parliament.

•UK will enter a transition period until 31st of December 2020. During this period the UK’s trading relationship with the EU will remain the same while 2 sides negotiate a free trade deal.




•2019 saw unrest in Hong Kong :-

-The protest this year sparked in tuned by a bill to allow extraditions to mainland China. But they moved into a popular revolt against Beijing's rule.

- More than 6,000 people arrested and the right to elect Hong Kong leader China denies interfering and committed to one country 2 systems formula & has been blamed foreign forces for formulating unrest.

•Widespread protests in France nationwide industrial action is taking place since 5th of December against president Emmanuel Macron planned pension system.

- Union oppose Macron's plans to streamline France's state pension system and to push people to work until 64 beyond the legal retirement age if 62.

3 •In 2019 Lebanon revolted against economic crisis. The country in Middle East has been dealing with its worst economic crisis in decades and almost a third of people live under the poverty line.

The value of Lebanese pound fell and new taxes on tobacco petrol and voice calls on apps like WhatsApp prompted protests.

PM Saad Harini resigned but protests continued.

•In South America it was Bolivia that gained attention due to political unrest at 32 people were killed in violence that erupted after disputed election on 20th of October with protestors blockades causing severe fuel and food shortages.

•Protests over inequality in South American nation Chile as the crisis started over a hike in public transport fares and left at least 26 dead & thousands injured.



•History was made by vision of one young person in particular 16 year old. Greta Thunberg as millions of people across the planet joined her in 2019. She became the youngest individual ever to be named Times Person of the Year.

•Most areas of world failed the harsh reality of the world climate crisis in 2019.

•Toxic smog shrouded Asian mega cities. Hundreds died in flooding & landslides, cyclones battered coastline, droughts & deadly heat waves led to towns and cities running almost out of water.

•Flooding in Europe & Africa and heat waves in Greenland climate change and its efforts accelerating.

•There were devastating fires in Amazon rain forests and Bush fires at the end of the year in Australia.

COP 25 climate summit where delegations from nearly 20 countries took part. Delegations reached an agreement on stepping up at the global response to cut in greenhouse gas emissions.



•Floods in many countries and submerged many cities in 2019.

•In Pakistan floods more than 150 people died. Also affected Iran, where 25 of country's 31 provinces suffered.

•Italy grabbed maximum attention visuals showing beautiful city of Venice is completely submerged.

•Forest fire increased by 85% this year compared to 2018.

4 •Forest fires were reported in Indonesia, Australia, California in the US.

•The 2019 Amazon reaction forests wildfire season saw a year to year surge in fires with in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay And Peru.

•9th of December, a volcanic eruption in New Zealand's white island led to death of 17 people many of them tourists the active volcano of east coast of the country's north islands.

•2019 has been the second most active year on record in terms of number of storms. The deadliest tropical cyclone I'd the year was cyclone in southwest Indian Ocean which killed over 1300 people in Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe & Madagascar.

•In September, a shallow earthquake near Meerpur struck north eastern Pakistan leaving 19 dead and 300 injured.

•In northwest Albania was struck by a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake. A total of 52 people were killed and about 3,000 injured.

•March saw 2 consecutive terrorist shooting attack at mosques in Christ church New Zealand during Friday prayer.

•Live on Facebook, the attack killed 51 people and injured 49.

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