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• The spread of a deadly strain of coronavirus sourced to a wildlife market in point and now a global health emergency. According to WHO which has put spotlight known Chinese live wild animal trade.

• On January 26, China announced ban on its wild animal trade until the crisis is over.

• they have been announced the trade for its damaging impact on biodiversity as well as the spread of diseases.

• Experts warn that sale of wild animals for human consumption of cause of epidemics.

• the flu like virus is believed to have emerged from a seafood market in Wuhan where wild animals such as snakes, pangolins were kept alive in small cages while waiting to be sold.

• Experts are calling for a permanent ban on world markets worldwide, they argue sale of wild animals for human consumption not only impacts biodiversity but is also the cause of both the new coronavirus and other passed epidemics.

• Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to the most serious diseases such as SARS.

• The 2002-2003 SARS was also traced to cats sold in a similar style of market in South Guangdong province.



• WHO has declared China Corona virus virus as global health emergency as it infected around 9600 with at least 213 people dying from it. all as being reported in China.

• Voluntary evacuation of hundreds of foreign nationals from Wuhan are underway.

• India also confirmed its first case of virus, student in the state of Kerala who was studying in Wuhan has been tested positive.

• Wh0 raised the concern that the virus could spread to countries with weaker health system.

• Declaring a global emergency allows the WHO to support lower and middle income countries to strengthen their disease surveillance and prepare them for coronavirus cases.

• W I said that there was no reason to limit trade or travel to China but various countries have taken steps to close border or cancel flights in the recent days.

• Several international companies have closed the shops for stopped operations inside mainland China.

• inside China, a confirmed case in Tibet means that the virus has now reached every region in Chinese mainland.

• Wh0 was declared five public health emergency till date-

o swine flu in 2009 o polio in 2011 (Imp for Prelims) o Zika in 2016 o Ebola in 2014 and 2019 Coronavirus in 2020.



• The UK finally left the European union after 47 years. It officially departed from the now 27 members block.

• UK has begin a transition period in which most EU laws will continue to be enforced until the end of December by which the UK aims to have reached a permanent free trade agreement with EU.

• Members of European parliament has ratified the brexit withdrawal agreement by 621 votes 49 following an emotional debate in Brussels.

• Johnson was able to get his only through parliament after winning December general election with house of commons majority of 80 on a place to get BREXIT done.



• The Trump administration proposal to bring a solution to the decade long Israel Palestine conflict has finally come to light, the white houses 80 page plan calls for the creation of a Palestinian state with the capital in parts of East Jerusalem but the blueprint will also permit Israel to extend sovereignty over all major settlements for blocks in the west bank area.

• it appeals that Jerusalem remains agent Israel’s undivided capital and require the Palestinians to considered for more land to Israel than in the past proposals.

Middle East peace plan.

➢ Jerusalem today main Israel’s undivided capital.

➢ Palestinians want East Jerusalem as capital of future state which Israel

occupied in 1967 middle East war.

➢ plan allows a Palestinian capital in portions of East Jerusalem.

➢ plan proposes independent Palestinian state.

➢ Palestinians to control 70% of West Bank.

➢ Recognizes Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements. Israel has

built 140 settlements in occupied west bank and East Jerusalem which are home to some 600000 Israeli Jews.

➢ Palestinians wants settlements to be removed Israel says settlements

won't be uprooted and wants settlements under its sovereignty.

➢ The deal puts for year freeze on construction of new Israeli settlements.

➢ the deal also recognises Jordan valley as part of Israel.

➢ Palestinian president Mohammad Abbas dismissed the plan as a


➢ West Bank also denies is the deal and says that America was not a honest

broker in the region.

➢ Palestinian Islamist group Hamas which controls the Gaza strip also

rejected the deal.

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