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• The deadly coronavirus continues to take more lives 722 people have died due to the virus including a doctor who tried to warn about the virus.

• Doctor Lee wen Liang head in December last year send a message to follow Medics warning of the virus that the that look like SARS.

• The virus infected more than 34000 people in mainland China. hundreds of experts will gather together in Geneva in an attempt to find way to fight back against the outbreak by speeding of research in drugs and vaccines.

• Millions in effected province have been told that only one person per household can go outside every 2 days.

• The virus has spread overseas with the 25 Nations confirming more than 230 cases although there has been so far only two deaths outside mainland China one in Hon- kong and another in Philippines.

• Many countries have airlifted their nationals from wahan including US, India and Brazil.

• WHO has asked for 675 million dollars to fund 3 month response plan.

• China has applied for a new patent on an experimental drug that its scientists believe might fight the coronavirus. The drug is being rushed into human trails in China.



• Hongkong is facing double devastation as coronavirus and civil unrest is taking its toll.

• hundreds of health workers went to strike calling on government to fully see the borders with mainland China amid fear of fast spreading coronavirus.

• For Hong Kong residents the 2003 epidemics still looms large with the death toll of 299, the city had one of the highest fertility rate in the world at 17% nearly three times that of mainland China.



• Donald Trump has been acquitted in his senate trial on both the articles of impeachment that he faced. Walking along the party lines the senators found Donald

Trump not guilty of the first article of impeachment which was abuse of power by 52 to 48 tally and not guilty of second article of a pigment that is obstruction of Congress by 53 to 47 tally.

• Trump became the third President in US history to be impeached by house of representatives but acquitted in a senate trial. At two third majority of 67 senators would have been required to remove him. Donald Trump to come victory lap in his acquittal.

• the final results came after nearly two weeks of senate trial encompassing dozens of hours of oral arguments and more than hundred written questions from the letters and more than four months after the impeachment enquiry first begin in the house.

• The senate’s verdict render Trump the third President in US history to face impeachment charges in the house and be equated by the senate, the two other being Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999.

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