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• The largest coronavirus outbreak outside mainland China is not in a country, but on a cruise ship. diamond Princess is into a lock down for more than a week. it was scheduled to talk on February 4 but is kept in quarantine of the port Yokohama in Japan. This after one passenger from Hong Kong was found to be infected with the virus. Now more than 219 people on board The cruise ship including two Indians tested positive for coronavirus.

• The Corona virus spread has put focus on cruise ships which for which have four years been referred to as “floating petri dishes” - please try for the spreading of germs and illness.

• The ship 3 weeks at sea as it was turned away by five countries which includes Japan, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines and Thailand over fear of virus.

• Experts says that there is an increased risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases on ships as people from different parts of the world mix and intensely for short period of time with coronavirus which is to be believed to spread through droplets such as saliva.



• at least 30 people are dead after suspected boko haram militants set fire sleeping travellers in state in Nigeria Stop The attacks happened in your village about 20 kilometers from the capital, now several people were also abducted.

• President Mohammad Buhari has condemned the attack with the promise to crush and insurgency that has destroyed Nigeria since the year 2009. You also told African unions security council meeting that is government was working to secure the release of all children and citizens held by the terrorist.

• Militant Islamist group boko haram and its offshoots continue to visa brutal insurgency in Nigeria since 2009.

• United Nations secretary general Antonio Gutierrez appeal to members to United Nations to channel additional resources to support Nigerian security forces.

• the decade long islamist insurgency in Nigeria has killed about 36000 people, more than 2 million having left Congress and hundreds have been updated in the conflict.



• The European commission held an emergency meeting in Brussels to address the latest prices in 5 year old civil war in Yemen. The rebel authorities in Northern Yemen are obstructing aid by texting the shipments threatening million of people with starvation.

• human has been driven to the break of famine during fighting between Iran based how the groups based in sauna and the Saudi based government of president Hadi.

• More then 23000 facilities were reported in 2019, thousand more civilians died from malnutrition diseases and poor health stop about 80% of population which is about 24 million people need humanitarian assistance and protection.

• supervised from the United Nations and the World health organisations flight from Sona will go to to Amman and Cairo the majority of patients are those suffering from cancer or needing organ transplant and reconstructive surgery.

• human has been tone in conflict since 2014 when Iran aligned Haudis.



• The week saw heavy downpour across Australia eastern coast while there was widespread storm damage, the rains brought relief after months of devastating bushfires and years of draught.

• Australia continuous to rebuild after massive bus fire devastation it has now identified 113 animal species that need emergency help.

• Australian government instituted panel has found some highly threatened species facing eminent risk of extinction because almost all of their habitat of their key habitat has been destroyed.

• Australian bush payers have burnt through an area, the size of Greece since September.

• researchers estimated that more than one big in animals we have perished in the fires.

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