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Lunar new year festival in China has been cancelled as the death toll from novel coronavirus continues to rise, more than 1300 have been infected across the world. China is stepping up efforts to tackle the virus that is thought to have originated in one seafood market.

• It has broadened its lockdown to include at least 13 cities however w h o says the situation does not yet constituted global health emergency.

• WHO has turned domestic health emergency the respiratory virus has claimed 41 life and infected about 1300 people in China since it was first detected at a seafood market in open in December last year.

• Cases of new coronavirus have also been detected around the World including in Thailand, South Korea, US and also Europe.

• Wuhan started to look like a city in Quarantine after warnings have been issued to residents to not to leave the city and for visitors to not to come also public transport has been banned.

• As China tries to hold the outbreak strain of virus all flights and passenger train services, buses, subways and fairy services out of Wuhan have been stopped.

• special command centre has been set up in Wuhan to contain the virus. Tourist centers and hotels in the city have been told to suspend loud scale activities while libraries museums and theatres are cancelling exhibitions and performances.

• millions of people are travelling across China for the week long holiday that is lunar new year.

• Wuhan is believed to be the epicenter of the new corona virus outbreak the virus is believed to have emerged last year from illegally traded wildlife animal market in the market has since been shut down but not just in China cases have also been detected for far away as the US CDC fears that the virus is already spreading worldwide.

• The World health organisation has announced it will not yet declared a global health emergency over the new virus.

• Global emergency is the highest level of alarm that the WHO can sound and has previously been used in response to swine Flu, zika virus and also ebola.

• There have been three cases in Thailand, one each in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the US.

• there is also an evidence of human to human transmission.

• countries around the world are also taking precautions, health screening for corona virus on passengers from Wuhan.

• health authorities around the World are working to prevent global pandemic.

• the virus infects lungs and symptoms start with fever and cough ok, it can progress to shortness of breath and also breathing difficulties.


• The international court of justice has ordered measures to prevent the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

• The decision comes despite the de facto leader Aung San suu Kyi defending her country against the acquisition in person last month.

• Myanmar has responded against the ruling and said that the ICJ had presented a distorted picture of the situation.

• Thousand of rohingya died and more than 7 lakh of them flight to Bangladesh during army crackdown in 2017.

• The United Nations investigators called for Myanmar military to be prosecuted for genocide.

• Myanmar insists that its military campaign was to target extremist thread in rakhine state.

• The United Nations highest court ruled that it has the authority to consider a genocide case against Myanmar and ordered the country to prevent is repairable harm from being committed against its Rohingya Muslim minority.

• the international court of justice approved emergency provisions and measures compelling Myanmar to halt all the prosecution of the ethnic group.

• In an hour long verdict it said that rohingya has remained to be vulnerable. The ruling does not establish whether Myanmar committed suicide but it is the first step in a broader legal case likely to run for years.

• Myanmar government must report back to the court within four months, regular updates are also required every 6 months until the court comes to a final verdict.

• Muslims living as refugees in Cox’s bazar in Bangladesh expressed gratitude after the verdict. The lawsuit was filed by Gambia in November last year which shot to prove and ongoing genocide is being carried out while the ICJ's as decisions are legally binding the court has no measure for and for enforcing them.



• Lebanon that has been witnessing months of public protest over a complete overhaul of political system.

• protestors are unhappy with countries new cabinet.

• The issue also occurred in ongoing world economic forum in Davos where former Lebanese foreign minister Gibran bassel called ongoing protest as positive.



• Mexican authorities are adopting tougher measures against Central American migrants who had entered Mexico illegally intending to reach the border with United States close to 800 migrants have been transferred to immigration centers and if their legal status cannot be resolved they will be returned to their home countries.

• Mexico is under intense pressure from US President Donald Trump to contain the mass movement of migrants who have been crossing through Mexico on their way to US border.

• National Guard troops with riot Shields are trying to stop the migrants from climbing the banks of the Suchiate river which marks the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

• The Pentagon this week received a new request from the Trump administration to board roughly 435 kilometers of wall on the border with Mexico.

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