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WORLD PANORAMA : Nov 2, 2019


•The Islamic state terrorist group has named its new leader as Abu Ibrahim Al- Hashimi. This after the jihadist group confirmed the death of its leader Abu Bakr Al- Baghdadi.

•The US special forces tracked down Baghdadi in North West Syria on Saturday & attacked his compound. The Islamic State leader fled into a tunnel and killed himself with a Suicide Vest.

• The Iraqi had a bounty of 25 Million Dollar on his head & had been pursued by the US & its allies.

• Trump announced “ Baghdadi died from detonating a suicide vest after fleeing into a tunnel while being chased by US Military.”

• After operation, Baghdadi’s remains were transported to a secured facility to confirm the identity with forensic DNA testing and were disposed later.

• The Pentagon released 2 videos on Wednesday that lead to Baghdadi’s death:-

-Video 1- showed some black silhouettes of US soldiers approaching walls of the compound of Baghdadi’s hideout.

-Video 2 – bombs could be seen falling on the side.

• According to The Pentagon, there was zero casualty to US personnel in raid.

• Baghdadi transformed a breakaway Al-qaida group into a transnational terrorist franchise Islamic state. The group brutalized & killed civilians in more than a dozen countries. They threatened to rewrite the map of Middle East by luring foreign recruits to wage JIHAD in Iraq and Syria.

• Despite the loss of caliphate in Iraq & Syria ISIS has expended to 14 separate countries across Asia & Africa.



•The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to formally proceed with impeachment inquiry against Trump voting by 232 to 196.

• In the vote the house approved a measure establishing rules for public hearings and the release of transcripts from closed-door proceedings. The measure also outlined

2 what rights the Republican politicians & Trump himself would have to participate as the process moves ahead Trump & the White House denounced the vote.

• Impeachment efforts passes first test and divided the US congress.

• On Thursday the House of Representatives approved the resolution to formalize the proceedings of impeachment inquiry calling it ‘the next phase of the investigation.’


H RES 660


DEMOCRATIC - 231 2 1



TOTALS – 232 196 4

• It was not a vote on whether the president should be removed from office rather than the first test of support in Democrats controlled House of Representatives for the impeachment process.

• Resolution laid the groundwork for open hearings in both i) The Intelligence Committee and ii) The Judiciary Committee.

• The impeachment inquiry focuses on 25th July phone call in which Trump asked Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelenskyy to investigate democratic rival Joe Biden ( former US Vice President) & his son Hunter ( Director of Ukrainian Energy Company named VERSIMO)

•Investigation examines whether Trump misuse the power of his office of personal political gains and if so, whether that rises to level of high crimes & misdemeanors of the impeachment process under the Constitution.



•Tens of thousands of Iraq’s thronged central Baghdad demanding the downfall of the political elite. It was said to be the biggest day of mass Anti-Government demonstrations since the fall of Saddam Hussain. Nearly 250 people have died in past 1 month.

•Country’s president said that PM would resign only if a replacement is found.

•The demonstrations came after popular Shia leader Muqtada-al-sadr who leads the largest block in Iraq’s Parliament. Supported protestors call for an early election & pushed a No-Confidence vote against PM Abdul Mahadi.

•UN also appealed for a national dialogue to ease the widespread anger & to launch an investigation in use of force.

•Abdul Mahadi came to power just a year ago as a compromise candidate between Al- Saud and main political leader rival Hadi-Al-Amiri who heads a coalition of Iran backed Shia Militia leaders.



•North Korea successfully conducted another super large multiple rocket launcher test on Thursday.

•Test success was immediately reported and Kim Jong-Un expressed satisfaction & congratulated the scientists who developed the weapon.

•The state news agency released the photograph of super large multiple rocket launcher surrounded by yellow flames & smoke.



• Spain offered United Nations to host COP 25 which is a climate change summit in Madrid. This following Chile’s withdrawal as the host amid raging street protests in South American nation.

• Santiago- the initial venue for COP 25 conference shutdown because of the violent riots and raging street protests with it’s vital Metro transport suffering 400 Million dollars in damage.



6.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the Southern Philippines which was still reeling from two strong tremors, one on 16th October with 6.3 magnitude and the other on 29th October with 6.6 magnitude.

• The Earthquake resulting in death of 5 people on Thursday and collapsing of previously damaged buildings.

•President RODRIGO DUTERTE office directed all the agencies and local government units to provide necessary assistance & immediate relief to affected.



Alberto Fernandez won the elections on Sunday with more than 47% votes by defeating Mauricio Macri.

• The voters appeared to have rejected austerity measures that Macri insisted were needed to revive Argentina’s struggling economy. Incumbent Macri who was seeking to win a second term conceded the defeat with almost 40% votes.

•Macri won the Presidency in 2015 on the promise of transforming the country & economy & reducing poverty. But failed to deliver the promises. In his 4 year term:-

- the Peso has degraded more than half in value ,

-the inflation is amongst the highest in world,

-poverty spiked to 35% and

-destroyed middle class by rise in utilities & transportation costs etc.

•Just hours after the results, the Central Bank imposed a significantly stricter control on purchase of US dollar.(from $10,000 to $200 a month until December). The move aimed at reducing dollar demand & stabilizing the Argentine Peso.

•The vote held amid Economic crisis which has left 1/3 of the Argentina’s population in poverty. Argentina highly demand to:-

-put an end to hyperinflation,

-restoring growth &

-restore the quality of life to Argentina.

•Fernandez will officially take office in December for 4 year term. He said to rebuild the Egalitarian.

•Meanwhile former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who played a key role in Alberto Fernandez’s triumph will now become the Vice President.

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