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WORLD PANORAMA : Nov 23, 2019


•Ahead of the 2020 presidential polls US President Donald Trump is facing impeachment proceedings.

• The House of Representatives is conducting public hearings in charges of Donald Trump allegedly abusing his office.

• Trump denied all charges saying that he has done nothing wrong and he wants the trial.

• The important phase of the proceedings against US President Donald Trump were wrapped on Thursday.

• After hearing Republican representative Kim Jordan said ‘the hearing was not about the facts but instead the democrats trying to prevent Trump from election in 2020.’

•House of Intelligence committee said ‘the president believes he is above law.

• House Judiciary committee to decide on charges against Trump.

• Once the committee enquiry agrees, the probe is complete, evidence will go to the Judiciary Committee to consider whether to draft formal charges against Trump. Democratic lawmaker say that it’s unlikely before the November 28th, US Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

•If the full house votes to impeach Donald Trump, the charges will go to the Republican controlled Senate or a trial on whether to remove him from office.



•The opposition Labour party unveiled its ambitious election manifesto in Birmingham on Thursday which is termed as ‘Crowd Pleasing’ by experts.

• In Manifesto the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn announced is parties plan to renegotiate BREXIT within 3 months, create a million jobs and high taxes on companies. An offer for almost everyone in Britain from health to parents with young children to free University education and more money for elderly care.

• In recent times the Labour party has alienated the Indian Motors who have become critical stand on India and in Jammu and Kashmir special status. The Labour party had passed and emergency motion on 25th of September calling for an International intervention on the Kashmir issue.



• Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been slapped with rage of corruption charges including bribery, fraud and breach of trust by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

• Netanyahu has become the first PM to be included while in office.

• Netanyahu denied all the charges and denied to quit in corruption scandal, denounced as an ‘attempted coup.’

• Protests broke out on Friday calling for PM’s resignation.

• The Centrist Blue and White party headed by Netanyahu’s main Rival Beny Gantz issued a statement calling on the leader to immediately resign all ministerial positions in the government.

•Political crisis in Israel with both parties filling to form government.



Gotbaya Rajpaksa sworn in as new President, by wining elections against United National Party candidate Sajith Premadasa.

• 3 days later Gotbaya Rajpaksa sworn in his elder brother, former President Mahinda Rajpaksa as the Prime Minister.

• Siblings faced the immediate task of reviving the Sri Lankan economy.

•Gotbaya said to consider the foremost responsibility of government-

- to ensure the national security,

-to rebuild the state security machineries to secure the country from terrorism, Underworld activities and robbers etc.

•This is the first time in the history of Sri Lanka that two siblings have top political position.

• On Tuesday, S Jaishankar (external affair minister) made a surprise visit to meet newly elected President and also met Prime Minister. Jaishankar also invited the President to visit India which was accepted by him.



Bolivia’s interim government has accused the former president, Evo Morales of terrorism and sedition over his a lead role in fermenting unrest in the country.

• Bolivia’s Interior Minister said in a Twitter message that Morales organized roadblocks that prevented food from entering the cities.

• President has denied the credibility of allegations.

• Since his resignation violent protests have crippled parts of the country. 29 people have been killed in clash between military forces and protestors.



• A curfew was declared in Colombian capital of Bogota after three people were killed and dozens were wounded in protests.

•Over 2,50,000 Colombians took to the streets to express growing dissent over possible changes to the minimum wage pension and text reforms and the privatization of the State Governments.


•Google tightens its policy on political ads to avoid its misuse to spread misleading information intended to influence voters.

• As per new rules Google will no longer allowed political ads to target voters based on their political affiliation.

• Google will also limit targeting of political ads to General categories such as Age, Gender or Postal Code. Google will begin and forcing the changes starting from 6th of January throughout the world.

• The move comes as the social media platforms are under pressure over their handling of political advertising ahead of the US Presidential elections of 2020.

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